Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A return

Well it seems I've mostly made a return to running. The past three weeks have gone... 15 miles, 25 miles, 46 miles.... and most of those have been incredible trail/mountain miles, and a lot of running with friends again.

I visited with my orthopedist this morning for an MRI consult. I just wanted to be absolutely certain that I wasn't dealing with something more structural or a torn meniscus. It turns out that mostly nothing significant is going on, just some minor patellar tendinitis, and slight pain from a previous injury that happened many years ago. And these things have just been aggravated by my accumulated mileage over the last few years. With some pretty diligent stretching, a bit more strengthening and occasional massage therapy I should be just fine to keep going. All very good news for someone who did NOT want anymore downtime. I'll be posting some weekly summaries maybe next week to show what I've been up to in more detail. WooHooo... back to the trails!!