Sunday, September 4, 2011


Although I don't get out as frequently as I'd like this time of year that doesn't mean I don't get out....... I often get some amazing runs in during harvest. Its usually just a matter of getting creative with the time I have in a day and taking advantage of say a beautiful September morning much like the one yesterday and my early morning outing-- after rousting myself out of bed at 4:30-- this am. Theres something quite majestic about early mornings with just the slightest chill in the air, the amazing desert sunrise and running up my favorite mountain!! There was a particular ease to everything this early am, this is why I run ... my heartbeat... the flow... my breathing..... the rhythm.... the smells... the shadows... the animals. Everything was perfect this morning, Magical....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hiatus and harvest

The end of summer brings with it a break in my running routine. My choice to be a winemaker means that I give up three-ish months of my life every year starting mid to late-August so I can focus on harvest. Hopefully I'll make a pretty solid return to running around mid-November.

I've been going to a physical therapist for the last three weeks trying to throw everything I can at this knee issue.... seven ultrasound treatments, many massages and LOTS of strengthening and stretching exercises later and my knee is feeling pretty good. I think because of certain mechanics specific to the way that I run will always result in some inflammation and future knee annoyances.... eh, thats life I suppose.

I've stopped keeping a running log after two years. Back after my initial break at the finish of  the Cave Creek Trail Race I realized that I was getting obviously frustrated with not running... which meant that I had little to jot down in my running log. Its interesting that recording running mileage for two solid years was very motivating as I was able to see clear progress as the weeks clicked by, after the race and not recording anything for the first time in awhile I began getting frustrated with the lack of entries in my log. Then as I began little by little getting back into running with a few miles here and there I just really didn't want to record such small efforts. As I made a full return more or less in the last couple months I just haven't felt like resuming the log....??? And now with disappearing into harvest I really just see no reason to get back into that routine. For better or worse I don't think I will resume keeping a log after I get back to it post-harvest. Its just my personality I guess but I go through this with most things that I do. And for the past couple months its felt good not looking at where I've ran or how many miles I'm running. If I don't get back to keeping a running log it may effect this blog as most of the contents here are based on that information. I'll post some more thoughts on this when I come up for air after harvest.

Friday, July 8, 2011

stray pictures

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the cave creek trail race that i recently came across.
The wild west.

Lacing up my nike streaks.

Moments before the start.
Congratulating Chris Wolf.
Aleister wondering.. who are these two dudes standing with dad... and why are you all holding large rocks??

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A return

Well it seems I've mostly made a return to running. The past three weeks have gone... 15 miles, 25 miles, 46 miles.... and most of those have been incredible trail/mountain miles, and a lot of running with friends again.

I visited with my orthopedist this morning for an MRI consult. I just wanted to be absolutely certain that I wasn't dealing with something more structural or a torn meniscus. It turns out that mostly nothing significant is going on, just some minor patellar tendinitis, and slight pain from a previous injury that happened many years ago. And these things have just been aggravated by my accumulated mileage over the last few years. With some pretty diligent stretching, a bit more strengthening and occasional massage therapy I should be just fine to keep going. All very good news for someone who did NOT want anymore downtime. I'll be posting some weekly summaries maybe next week to show what I've been up to in more detail. WooHooo... back to the trails!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

ahhh... the good ol' days

Just wanted to post this video of my last Black Canyon Trail run (before my knee injury). It was a great day with the gang from Sedona Running Company. Adam Gifford was courteous enough to retrieve it from his broken camera (which he... or.. uhh... someone dropped along the way). It was definitely a takin it easy outing... but man it was fun. I gotta get back to the trails!!

My knee is feeling a lot better! I've ran a whopping 2 miles in 14 days. Going out for a 2 mile run on neighborhood streets later this evening... and hopefully if all goes well I'll be getting back to some light trail running this weekend and into next week. It can't come soooooon enough.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hobbled and humbled

Today marks my 8th straight day of zero running! This is the longest non-running streak for me in 2 solid years. It seems my right knee is going to keep me out of commission for awhile. This has been extremely difficult... mentally, emotionally, and physically. I don't think i ever really take running for granted, even during the most mundane or difficult runs i have a sense of appreciation for being fortunate enough to do what i do, how i do.

I went to my local doctor yesterday just out of desperation really.... and of course he turned, pulled, poked and prodded on my leg and knee, suggested i take it easy for another 7-ish days and take this potent anti-inflammatory drug. I suggested that maybe if he could help me decide if it were my meniscus, or possibly my medial ligament.... or....! Oh...ha ha theres no need to worry about all of that right now. But I've been worried about "all of that" for over a month now!!! Just stay away from running and take these pills. Damnit!!... Gee thanks Dr. dinosaur!

It's amazing how much running keeps me balanced in all the key areas of a happy existence.... key word... balanced. There are many things in my life that make me happy beyond words, its just that running in the mountains has a unique way of making me feel very connected, healthy, and centered, very important for the human being that i am. Ok, I'll stop before things get too philosophical. Hopefully with a little patience and determination I'll be back at it soon.

Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 Cave Creek Trail Race

So my first race is in the bag. I placed 2nd in a field of several hundred runners, on a pretty difficult course (see race results here). Definitely a lot of positives about this experience. I'm certain I won't become a regular in racing events... but its something i wanted to do out of curiosity, and now i know. All positives aside.... I had a less than ideal couple weeks of training coming into the race weekend. I've been experiencing a rather disturbing knee injury that prevented me from going about the last two weeks the way i would've liked. I fear i might be dealing with a serious knee issue that could become quite problematic. I've experienced lots of injuries along my running journeys the past couple years, but its funny how everything seems to work itself out. And just a little background info... I've had right knee issues since i was about 10 years old, but its nothing that was ever serious enough to keep me from pursuing the various athletic endeavours that I've participated in through-out my life. It'll be interesting to see how/if it bounces back in the coming weeks and months (fingers crossed). But i managed to make it through the race in tact, and no worse for the effort. Although in the following days it hurts to even walk. Back to the positives... this was a well organized event for a great cause... a great course that was well marked, and lots of awesome volunteers. I'd like to say I'll be back next year, but we'll have to wait and see. For now i just want to get healthy enough to return back to running the mountains of northern Arizona!

I also want to congratulate everyone who participated... you should all be very proud! And i especially want to congratulate my main competitors... 1st place Chris Wolf, this guy is an elite elite runner, check out his amazing race resume. And 3rd place Nathan Marine, also an accomplished runner.. he placed 1st in the 2010 Cave Creek Trail 5k. It was a huge honor finishing in the top 3 next to these runners! Great job guys... hopefully our paths will cross again one day.

A few pictures from the day:

Beautiful Cave Creek sunrise

About 10 minutes before the start
How about those bright fluorescent green nikes!
The first one out
Cruising along
Mens 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Monday, April 11, 2011

weekly summary: Apr 4-Apr 10

Mon-PM: 7 miles- Cave Creek 10k Trail Course, 1000'
Traveling down to Phoenix for a couple days for work related distractions. Decided to check out the Cave Creek Trail Course. This was a hot evening run before dinner. Definitely a gnarly little course.... very few straight sections to gain any real speed. Should be interesting on race morning with a few hundred people thrown into the mix. I also ran an extra mile just checking things out.

Tue-AM: 2 miles- Phoenix streets around hotel, 0'
I had something more substantial planned, it just didn't turn out that way. I was feeling a bit off.. plus my left hamstring was tight/sore. Decided to just take it easy and enjoy the rest of the morning back at the hotel with my babies.

Wed-AM: 6 miles- Hotel treadmill, 0'
This was more of a caution decision than a convenience decision. I wanted to make sure i didn't wonder out onto some desert trails with this lingering hamstring issue. As it turns out i had no problems... other than the obvious annoyance of the wretched contraption i happened to be running on.

Thu-AM: 10 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/old mining trails, 1600'
Ahhhh... first run back (in a few days) on my usual Mingus Mountain trails. Felt great this morning.

Fri-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
Super windy this morning, gusts around 30 mph. Very hard to get a rhythm/groove in weather like this. Looks like a big storm blowing in.

Sat-PM: 2 miles- Chuckwalls Mesa, 100'
Very cold... with blowing rain, sleet, and snow... Nasty winter storm. I opted to not have a slog fest and take it a little more conservative for a big run tomorrow.

Sun-AM: 18 miles- Black Canyon Trail, 3200'
This one definitely goes into the "special" category! Just amazing for numerous reasons... I was supposed to run in Sedona with Mary and Tony, we ended up deciding to do Black Canyon instead, Perfect! I got to the trail head around 8 am, Mary and Tony were coming from Flagstaff... Mary showed up about 20 mins. late letting me know Tony would be even later, and we should start without him. We hit the trail by 8:30 with a plan to trek the 7 miles to the end of the trail and back. It was an amazing weather day with the previous days storm still lingering around Mingus Mountain. It was cold and sunny at the base while the mountain disappeared into the low hanging clouds. We started the ascent literally climbing into the clouds.. it got more and more dense as we climbed until we popped out at the saddle 5 miles in, and it was calm, still, with brilliant blue and sunny skies. Once we descended into Gaddes Canyon from the saddle it was ankle/shin deep snow... fun fun! We made it to the turn around at Allen Springs Rd. downed a gel  and began the 7 mile return. We got just below the saddle almost 2 miles back where we met up with Tony who had gotten a later start due to his travel/weather delays. Tony wanted to continue on to the end of the trail where we just came from. We decided to make the turn around as well... adding several miles, and several hundred vertical feet onto the day. Not a problem at all as I've been wanting to hit the 18 to 20 mile mark for several months now. We hit the turn around (me for the second time) and began our 7 mile mostly decent back to the base of Mingus.. where my jeep awaited with some much needed bananas and water. This was a great run for me. The awesome feeling of being back on my favorite trail was only amplified by extra miles and vertical.


-Miles: 53

-Vertical: 6,900'

An interesting week... this was my second week in a row of being out of town for work distractions, which always screws up my running in some way. It was also (not coincidentally) my second week in a row with two runs of zero climbing. And it was the second week in a row of zero double run days. Mostly my mileage decrease was due to early week travel coupled with my trying to accommodate a long run. While I ended up a little short on miles, I got to check out the course I'll be racing on in a few weeks, and i got to have an amazing long run on my favorite trai/mountain. More changes will come as i put the various pieces of this puzze together.

Monday, April 4, 2011

weekly summary: Mar 28-April 3.... and March wrap-up

Mon-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
An ok morning run. Still feeling a bit off. Got this in before taking off to Tucson for a few days.

Tue-AM: 7 miles- Tucson streets, 0'
This was what it was. I never run this much on pavement anywhere... not fun, but really the only option i had given my time constraints.

Wed-AM: 5.4 miles- Mingus Union High track, 0'
Early morning speed session. 1 mile warm up... 5x1000 w/100m jogs... 1 mile cool down. So this was my third speed work out, and third variation of type of work out. Not my favorite one of these, but again its all for a specific reason.

Thu-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
Nice temp run... felt great!

Fri-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
 Perfect weather this morning! Solid run.

Sat-PM: 10 miles-Chuckwalls Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch/FR413, 1300'
Not feeling well most of the day... opted to skip my usual morning start. Kept it casual and felt great. A beautiful Arizona evening.

Sun-AM: 11 miles- FR 152/Vultee Arch Trail, 800'
This was a beautiful morning run in Sedona. Met up with Adam and Lindsay, owners of the new store... Sedona Running Company. These two are a couple of badassezz for many reasons... very cool people, and awesome runners!! I had the privilege of meeting them last week while checking out the new store. A few emails exchanged and they were nice enough to invite me for this beautiful run. Hope I'll be getting together with them for regular outings.


-Miles: 57.4

-Vertical: 5,100'

Just a slight decrease in both mileage and vertical. Its all good... it was a deliberate decision to cut out my evening runs. This is mostly me trying to figure out whats the best combination, and use of my week to reach specific mileage/vertical goals. I was also taking it down a notch to give myself a very slight bit of rest, plus i was traveling early in the week. I'll be traveling this coming week as well... but i have a few cool trail runs scheduled. So hopefully it won't be much of a hiccup. Strange that this was my second week not making it up Black Canyon Trail... its ok, I made the sacrifice to run with Adam and Lindsay in a beautiful part of Sedona, which was well worth it. I have a feeling they'll be joining me on a few jaunts up my favorite trail soon enough.


A quick glance at March:

-Miles: 263.8

-Vertical: 32,400'

Not bad! I feel very happy with these numbers. Definitely my most consistent month. No days off, most mileage for a month, and certainly most vertical for a month.... I'll take that, and hopefully keep building.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

weekly summary: Mar 21-27

Mon-PM: 7 miles- Treadmill- Cottonwood Rec Center, 300'
Pretty horrible run on this contraption! I really don't know why i always think this ain't gonna be so bad... its always bad!

Tue-PM: 10 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch/FR413, 1200'
Whew... I'm really glad my calf held up, it was solid. Good run. Legs felt strong.

Wed-AM: 4.6 miles- Mingus Union High track, 0'
AM speed work... 1 mile warm up.... 3x100, 200, 300, 400, with 100m slow runs in between... 1 mile cool down.
Wed-PM: 5 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads, 600' 
Nice and easy evening run.

Thu-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch 1000'
Mellow morning run, legs a bit heavy.
Thu-PM: 5 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads, 600'
Easy evening run.

Fri-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
Very nice early morning tempo run
Fri-PM: 5 miles- Blue Monster Trail, 400'
Just an easy loop on Blue Monster with Gordon, Mike, and Paula.

Sat-AM: 4 miles- Lower Black Canyon Trail, 800'
WOW... I had quite an ambitious plan to make this a 14 mile outing.... NOT TO BE! Just really had nothing on the climbs. Enough of an indicator to not proceed with my plan, this is a difficult trail on a good day... almost impossible if things aren't coming together.

Sun-AM: 4 miles- Lower Black Canyon Trail, 800'
Oh boy! Days like this and yesterday are extremely frustrating, but also very humbling. Its crazy how hard this can be when your body has nothing to give you. Just can't muster the strength to get up this mountain. I have far too much respect for the difficulty of this trail, I'll choose to be smart and live to run another day.


-Miles: 60.6

-Vertical: 6,700'

Well... this was an interesting week, my body seems to be falling into this 60-ish miles per week groove. Things started off on a positive note being that my calf showed no signs of slowing me down, or becoming a bigger problem. My speed work went well.. i really do hope these sessions pay off. The end of the week sucked because of my inability to run up my favorite trail. Again i just have to be patient and understand that days like this happen and my body just needs to take it easy. I can't help but feel a little disappointment when for whatever reason i just can't enjoy these "focus" runs. I call them focus runs because i think week in and week out i put in a lot of work/practice to be able to do specific runs that are a little more special than others. Most people train to race.... and i train to experience this amazing place that i live. Runs like Black Canyon amplify how profound this landscape is to my soul. Oh well... I'll be back to it soon enough. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

weekly summary: Mar 14-Mar 20

Mon-PM: 5 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa, '400
Just taking it easy. Without actual days off these kinda become recovery runs... whatever the hell that is.

Tue-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
Early morning tempo run.. felt great!
Tue-PM: 3 miles- neighborhood streets/Chuckwalla Mesa, 200'
Just an easy evening run... felt good.

Wed-AM: 5 miles- Mingus Union High track, 0'
This was interesting, I've never set foot on an actual track for running purposes. This was my first of several speed workouts. Mike was kind enough to invite me, and basically show me the ropes as it pertains to speed training. I did a 1 mile warm up followed by 6 x 800 meters @ 2:47, 2:53, 3:00, 3:02, 3:00, 3:00, followed by a 1 mile cool down. This was me trying to figure it out. I will refine/dial this process and get faster over the next month. I knew going into this kind of training that i would be engaging muscles (fast twitch) that i never really use, and my body would be going faster than i ever really go on a typical trail run. So i assumed this would bring with it some soreness, and possibly a strained/stressed muscle here or there. This kind of training will be necessary to put me in the best possible position to compete at the Cave Creek 10k trail run on Saturday April 23rd.

Thu-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch 1000'
As expected a bit sore this morning from the speed training yesterday. But it turned out to be quite a pleasant morning run.
Thu-PM: 7 miles- Bell Trail, 600'
Nice evening run after work with Gordon. This is a beautiful trail that takes you into a cool red rock canyon. I wore my NB minimus trail running shoes on this and was surprised at how well they performed... great grip on the upper canyon rocks.. and most importantly no blisters as i chose not to wear socks.

Gordon and I enjoying a moment on the red rocks down in the canyon on Bell Trail.

Fri-PM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
Another beautiful early morning on my typical trail. My body is really liking these early morning outings.

Sat-AM: 10.4 miles- Black Canyon Trail (to the saddle) 2300'
Nice morning up Black Canyon. It was very hazy, but otherwise beautiful as always! This is really just pure mountain running bliss!

Sun-AM: 6 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads, 800'
Definitely dealing with a calf strain from a combination of the speed work on Wednesday, and going faster than usual on the Black Canyon run yesterday. I thought if i skipped my Saturday PM run, and did some icing and a gentle massage on my left calf that i would be fine on this run... but it was not to be. I have to be very patient with incorporating this speed training into my routine as my body is not quite adapted, i hope this gets better SOON!


-Miles: 60.4

-Vertical: 7,700'

Once again, I knew going into this week that the speed training might be something that could possibly keep my mileage down, and it was. I just need to be patient while my body acclimates to incorporating speed. Not a bad week, just really hope this calf strain works itself out so i don't fall further behind on mileage/vertical in the coming weeks. Although i suppose its a fair trade to sacrifice a specific mileage goal, with training myself to go really fast when i need to... such as a trail 10k next month!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Its official

My first trail race will be the Cave Creek Trail 10k, on Saturday April 23rd. I've gone back and forth in my soul about racing in general, over the last year. With some sound advice from my partner Monica, and a few of the people that i run with (Gordon and Mike.. who have far more racing experience than i do), and just listening to my heart... I've come to look at racing as a measuring stick with where i am as an athlete and as the runner. Believe me it doesn't change a thing about why i run, or how i will continue to approach running, it will just (hopefully) satisfy that competitive curiosity that i sometimes get. Running couldn't be more personal and spiritual for me, but to share that with others i think could be a very good thing. After all i don't train to race, so an occasional competitive Saturday morning once in a blue moon might feel nice.

The idea of this race brought along with it a feeling, or a need to give myself the best possible chance to compete. So this past week I've decided to incorporate some speed work, and tempo runs into my daily schedule... at least for the next month. This will probably be the only 10k race that i do as i would prefer to get into ultra distance (anything longer than a marathon) races as time goes by. Basically i don't like going fast for short distances, I like going slow and steady for long distances. The speed work will be interesting to see just how fast i can actually run (something I've never really known), and I'll learn just what it takes to train the fast twitch muscles which i don't really engage on a regular basis. At the end of the day I'm looking at this as an experience to be had, and to learn something about organized racing to see if its something i wish to proceed with as part of my running. That and it gets me out of town to run in a beautiful place that I've never been.

Monday, March 14, 2011

weekly summary: Mar 7-Mar 13

Mon-PM: 10 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch/FR413, '1200
VERY windy!! Made this mostly unpleasant... like running while anchored to a bolder. Felt extra tired from the effort.

Tue-PM: 5 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads, '600
Legs were heavy and tight.

Wed-PM: 2 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa, '200 
Its sometimes hard to understand why days like this are so difficult. They're bound to happen, just sucks when they do.

Thu-PM: 10 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch/FR413, 1200'
I dealt with the worst stomach issues I've ever experienced before on a run. Not exactly sure what was going on. My system just wasn't taking anything, no calories, no water... left me feeling very nauseous. Pretty difficult when you try to grind it out for this many miles. I met up with John on the turn around on FR413. We ran back together, which helped take my mind off of the fact that i felt horrible. John wondered why i was going so slow.

Fri-AM: 10.2 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Chuckwalla trail/old mine roads, 1600'
Woke up early (4:30) for this run. Had some residual stomach issues but disappeared as soon as i took my first few running steps. Turned out to be a beautiful morning and a solid run!

Sat-AM: 10.4 miles- Black Canyon Trail (to the saddle) 2500'
Never really felt great on this. But its hard to complain about anything when i get to run on this trail up this mountain.
The early part of black canyon trail before it transitions to very narrow single track

My favorite trail!
Looking down into black canyon from the trail
Looking up towards the summit
Beautiful snow capped peaks

Looking back you can see the thin single track carved into the side of the mountain
The dense pine forest after you drop down from the saddle

Sun-AM: 10 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/Silver Spring Gulch/FR413, 1200' 
Felt surprisingly good on this run, legs were peppy, good energy, a beautiful morning.
Sun-PM: 4 miles- Tonapah/Fir/Chuckwalla/Mesquite/Ochoa/Pioneer/Chuckwalla Mesa, 200'
Again, thrown in just to get some more miles as i want to be in the 70 mpw range.


-Miles: 61.6

-Vertical: 8,700'
Another pretty solid week, i increased my mileage slightly and increased my vertical by a few thousand feet. Friday thru Sunday were all great running days, all early morning outings... i really love running this time of day (apparently so do lots of jack rabbits and mule deer) . I'm already starting to see signs of warmer weather, things are getting greener, there are increasing numbers of insects, and not much snow up high.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

weekly summary: Feb 28-Mar 6

Mon-PM: 3 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa, '200
Not feeling great today. Hard to focus on running. I don't like this "just get it done" feeling.

Tue-PM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/FR413, 800' 
Felt good on this, went nice and easy with Gordon. I've been wearing my modified NB 101s... they're great! (much more on this and all of the other shoes that i wear/test in a future post).
a quick thumbs up before turning around for the 4 miles back.

Wed-PM: 10 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch/FR413, 1200'  
Felt unusually fatigued and heavy the first couple miles. Things started coming together... i finished feeling good.

Thu-PM: 2 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa, 200'
My body had nothing to give me. Felt weak and tired, just wanna lay down.. YUK!

Fri-PM: 8 miles- Grief Hill Trail, 300'
This was supposed to be a trail run, but ended up being a mostly off-trail run trying to find the actual trail we were supposed to be running on. Otherwise this was a nice outing with Gordon and Mary.
Where the hells the trail Gordon?

Sat-AM: 10.4 miles- Black Canyon Trail (to the saddle) 2100'
This has become my favorite trail run to do. Met Gordon and David at the trail head @ 7am. This has it all.... mostly single track, amazing views, a good amount of vertical, very technical terrain, switchbacks, ankle deep snow, lots of wildlife! This will become a regular run for me in the future, and I'll be writing lots more about this trail and all things Mingus Mountain related in an upcoming post.
Sat-PM: 6 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads,  700'
Kinda just testing out my new NB minimus trail shoes. But i also wanted to put on a few more miles for the week being that I'm trying to get back into the 70 mpw range.

Sun-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/Silver Spring Gulch, 970' 
Eh, feeling very fatigued... its ok, gotta take the bad with the good.
Sun-PM: 3 miles- Tonapah/Fir/Chuckwalla/Mesquite/Ochoa/Pioneer/Chuckwalla Mesa, 200'
Just some running around neighborhood streets with a steep climb thrown in at the end for some extra miles in a very weak week.


-Miles: 58.4

-Vertical: 6,670'

So this is what the format for logging each week will be until i decide to change it. For the 4 or 5 of you who might happen to read more than one of my weekly summary's you'll start to see some reoccurring/repetitive things... one of the most reoccurring things is how much running i do near, around, and on Mingus Mountain here in Cottonwood. I will elaborate on why that is in an upcoming post.

But for now this is kinda what a typical week looks like for me, with the exception of how much mileage/vertical i do... as I'm usually in the 70 mile range with around 8,000 to 10,000' of vertical. Almost all of the running that i do is on trails and in the mountains, with lots of focus on vertical climbing. This i my absolute favorite type of running, its really the only reason that i run. So for now I'll leave things by saying that i will explain more details (in an upcoming post) as to why i focus so much on certain aspects in my daily running. Below you'll find a monthly look at running totals in the previous months for 2011, as opposed to a detailed weekly breakdown as the one above.


2011 by month

-January: 236 miles, 26,650' vertical (This was definitely the most consistent, and successful month of running for me since i started. Lots of variety and vertical)
-February: 153.4 miles, 19,270' vertical (this was a frustrating month w/several days missed due to being very sick)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Verde Valley Trail Runners!/pages/Verde-Valley-Trail-Runners/180084565369481?sk=wall

....So it begins

Not really the beginning.... just a starting point to convey thoughts, ideas, and feelings of everything related to my running adventures, specifically here in the high desert of northern Arizona. I will hopefully (very soon) be posting daily running logs, including- mileage, elevation gain, terrain, with associated pictures. Myself and a few of the cool people that i occasionally run with have started a facebook page for others who might be interested in joining on some of our escapades.... check it out under Verde Valley Trail Runners. Much more to come including some upcoming racing plans.