Thursday, May 19, 2011

ahhh... the good ol' days

Just wanted to post this video of my last Black Canyon Trail run (before my knee injury). It was a great day with the gang from Sedona Running Company. Adam Gifford was courteous enough to retrieve it from his broken camera (which he... or.. uhh... someone dropped along the way). It was definitely a takin it easy outing... but man it was fun. I gotta get back to the trails!!

My knee is feeling a lot better! I've ran a whopping 2 miles in 14 days. Going out for a 2 mile run on neighborhood streets later this evening... and hopefully if all goes well I'll be getting back to some light trail running this weekend and into next week. It can't come soooooon enough.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

hobbled and humbled

Today marks my 8th straight day of zero running! This is the longest non-running streak for me in 2 solid years. It seems my right knee is going to keep me out of commission for awhile. This has been extremely difficult... mentally, emotionally, and physically. I don't think i ever really take running for granted, even during the most mundane or difficult runs i have a sense of appreciation for being fortunate enough to do what i do, how i do.

I went to my local doctor yesterday just out of desperation really.... and of course he turned, pulled, poked and prodded on my leg and knee, suggested i take it easy for another 7-ish days and take this potent anti-inflammatory drug. I suggested that maybe if he could help me decide if it were my meniscus, or possibly my medial ligament.... or....! Oh...ha ha theres no need to worry about all of that right now. But I've been worried about "all of that" for over a month now!!! Just stay away from running and take these pills. Damnit!!... Gee thanks Dr. dinosaur!

It's amazing how much running keeps me balanced in all the key areas of a happy existence.... key word... balanced. There are many things in my life that make me happy beyond words, its just that running in the mountains has a unique way of making me feel very connected, healthy, and centered, very important for the human being that i am. Ok, I'll stop before things get too philosophical. Hopefully with a little patience and determination I'll be back at it soon.