Monday, April 4, 2011

weekly summary: Mar 28-April 3.... and March wrap-up

Mon-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
An ok morning run. Still feeling a bit off. Got this in before taking off to Tucson for a few days.

Tue-AM: 7 miles- Tucson streets, 0'
This was what it was. I never run this much on pavement anywhere... not fun, but really the only option i had given my time constraints.

Wed-AM: 5.4 miles- Mingus Union High track, 0'
Early morning speed session. 1 mile warm up... 5x1000 w/100m jogs... 1 mile cool down. So this was my third speed work out, and third variation of type of work out. Not my favorite one of these, but again its all for a specific reason.

Thu-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
Nice temp run... felt great!

Fri-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
 Perfect weather this morning! Solid run.

Sat-PM: 10 miles-Chuckwalls Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch/FR413, 1300'
Not feeling well most of the day... opted to skip my usual morning start. Kept it casual and felt great. A beautiful Arizona evening.

Sun-AM: 11 miles- FR 152/Vultee Arch Trail, 800'
This was a beautiful morning run in Sedona. Met up with Adam and Lindsay, owners of the new store... Sedona Running Company. These two are a couple of badassezz for many reasons... very cool people, and awesome runners!! I had the privilege of meeting them last week while checking out the new store. A few emails exchanged and they were nice enough to invite me for this beautiful run. Hope I'll be getting together with them for regular outings.


-Miles: 57.4

-Vertical: 5,100'

Just a slight decrease in both mileage and vertical. Its all good... it was a deliberate decision to cut out my evening runs. This is mostly me trying to figure out whats the best combination, and use of my week to reach specific mileage/vertical goals. I was also taking it down a notch to give myself a very slight bit of rest, plus i was traveling early in the week. I'll be traveling this coming week as well... but i have a few cool trail runs scheduled. So hopefully it won't be much of a hiccup. Strange that this was my second week not making it up Black Canyon Trail... its ok, I made the sacrifice to run with Adam and Lindsay in a beautiful part of Sedona, which was well worth it. I have a feeling they'll be joining me on a few jaunts up my favorite trail soon enough.


A quick glance at March:

-Miles: 263.8

-Vertical: 32,400'

Not bad! I feel very happy with these numbers. Definitely my most consistent month. No days off, most mileage for a month, and certainly most vertical for a month.... I'll take that, and hopefully keep building.


  1. way to go tim... you've inspired me to get off the bike and run a bit more. i managed a swift two miler this weekend before my knee started acting up. pavement sucks. hopefully i'll get to the trail this weekend.

  2. Nice! Yep... pavement and treadmills would make me quit running if they were my only options. Just something soooo wrong when it feels that contrived and painful. Keep it up... we have to run together sometime this year!!