Thursday, March 31, 2011

weekly summary: Mar 21-27

Mon-PM: 7 miles- Treadmill- Cottonwood Rec Center, 300'
Pretty horrible run on this contraption! I really don't know why i always think this ain't gonna be so bad... its always bad!

Tue-PM: 10 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch/FR413, 1200'
Whew... I'm really glad my calf held up, it was solid. Good run. Legs felt strong.

Wed-AM: 4.6 miles- Mingus Union High track, 0'
AM speed work... 1 mile warm up.... 3x100, 200, 300, 400, with 100m slow runs in between... 1 mile cool down.
Wed-PM: 5 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads, 600' 
Nice and easy evening run.

Thu-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch 1000'
Mellow morning run, legs a bit heavy.
Thu-PM: 5 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads, 600'
Easy evening run.

Fri-AM: 8 miles- Chuckwalla Mesa/jeep roads/Silver Spring Gulch, 1000'
Very nice early morning tempo run
Fri-PM: 5 miles- Blue Monster Trail, 400'
Just an easy loop on Blue Monster with Gordon, Mike, and Paula.

Sat-AM: 4 miles- Lower Black Canyon Trail, 800'
WOW... I had quite an ambitious plan to make this a 14 mile outing.... NOT TO BE! Just really had nothing on the climbs. Enough of an indicator to not proceed with my plan, this is a difficult trail on a good day... almost impossible if things aren't coming together.

Sun-AM: 4 miles- Lower Black Canyon Trail, 800'
Oh boy! Days like this and yesterday are extremely frustrating, but also very humbling. Its crazy how hard this can be when your body has nothing to give you. Just can't muster the strength to get up this mountain. I have far too much respect for the difficulty of this trail, I'll choose to be smart and live to run another day.


-Miles: 60.6

-Vertical: 6,700'

Well... this was an interesting week, my body seems to be falling into this 60-ish miles per week groove. Things started off on a positive note being that my calf showed no signs of slowing me down, or becoming a bigger problem. My speed work went well.. i really do hope these sessions pay off. The end of the week sucked because of my inability to run up my favorite trail. Again i just have to be patient and understand that days like this happen and my body just needs to take it easy. I can't help but feel a little disappointment when for whatever reason i just can't enjoy these "focus" runs. I call them focus runs because i think week in and week out i put in a lot of work/practice to be able to do specific runs that are a little more special than others. Most people train to race.... and i train to experience this amazing place that i live. Runs like Black Canyon amplify how profound this landscape is to my soul. Oh well... I'll be back to it soon enough. 

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