Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hiatus and harvest

The end of summer brings with it a break in my running routine. My choice to be a winemaker means that I give up three-ish months of my life every year starting mid to late-August so I can focus on harvest. Hopefully I'll make a pretty solid return to running around mid-November.

I've been going to a physical therapist for the last three weeks trying to throw everything I can at this knee issue.... seven ultrasound treatments, many massages and LOTS of strengthening and stretching exercises later and my knee is feeling pretty good. I think because of certain mechanics specific to the way that I run will always result in some inflammation and future knee annoyances.... eh, thats life I suppose.

I've stopped keeping a running log after two years. Back after my initial break at the finish of  the Cave Creek Trail Race I realized that I was getting obviously frustrated with not running... which meant that I had little to jot down in my running log. Its interesting that recording running mileage for two solid years was very motivating as I was able to see clear progress as the weeks clicked by, after the race and not recording anything for the first time in awhile I began getting frustrated with the lack of entries in my log. Then as I began little by little getting back into running with a few miles here and there I just really didn't want to record such small efforts. As I made a full return more or less in the last couple months I just haven't felt like resuming the log....??? And now with disappearing into harvest I really just see no reason to get back into that routine. For better or worse I don't think I will resume keeping a log after I get back to it post-harvest. Its just my personality I guess but I go through this with most things that I do. And for the past couple months its felt good not looking at where I've ran or how many miles I'm running. If I don't get back to keeping a running log it may effect this blog as most of the contents here are based on that information. I'll post some more thoughts on this when I come up for air after harvest.

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